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Mildred Sprague - from Michelle Dion Options
Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 1:02:39 PM
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Very nice work on that site, btw - very professional. I admire your painstaking work--I can't imagine how many hours
it took you to compile all the data and pics...
I recall Mrs. Sprague ALWAYS wore dresses--usually all one piece (below the knee, of course) with a flower pattern of some kind, and she usually embellished them with a nice pin or a scarf.
She wore makeup and lipstick (I always remember those things), as well as nail
polish, and those thick clunky shoes (kind of like pumps, but with more SUBSTANCE)--in other words, her style didn't change much from that which she had adopted as a younger woman in that picture.
She was ALWAYS a lady - something I can't seem to manage, what with my potty mouth:(
Anyway--one moment in particular I also remember:
It was Halloween, and each child was asked to draw a "Halloween" picture. All pictures were displayed in the hallway, and the teachers got to vote on what picture was the best, and that student would win a little prize.
I drew one of a haunted castle, a witch flying past the moon, gravestones, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.
I remember being very excited, waiting to see whose picture would be chosen--and doubly so when I noticed that my picture was missing from the display after awhile. Needless to say, I WON.
I think the prize was a gift certificate to McDonald's or something-but the important part was how the teachers made me feel about winning. Mrs. Sprague was especially nice, and told me she was "proud" of me.
She really helped alot of kids, Scott.

Have a great day!


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From: Scott Katarincic
Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 08:39:56
To: Michelle
Cc: Don Sprague; Katarincic, Annette; Michele Wuehle; Chris Adamini; Dannibus; Gregorio
Subject: Re: Oh yes, that's HER on the left...MRS. SPRAGUE!

That's too cool, do you mind if I post your email on the WEB site? I think it
would be a nice addition. Also, if you go to
and "subscribe", you'll be notified of the updates.

I'm going to forward your email to my mom and uncle (Mildred's kids), they will
definately get a big kick out of it! If any more Mildred stories come to mind,
please send them on (I honestly don't remember much about my 3rd grade teacher).
BTW, Mildred died in 1993 and Dan, Mildred was Mena's daughter (as in the
famous "Mena bread"

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From: Michelle
To: Scott Katarincic
Cc: Gregorio ; Dannibus
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 2:46 AM
Subject: Oh yes, that's HER on the left...MRS. SPRAGUE!

Only muuch younger, and without the glasses. I'm sure she was a good 20 years older when I had her as I teacher (yep-attending Webster School for 3rd grade), but only briefly-
here's another cool interesting "recovered" childhood memory: There was a bumper crop of kids that year, so they hired another new young teacher (whose name STILL escapes me), and after about a week, I transferred into her class...which was held in the LIBRARY, because there wasn't any room anyplace else.
Mrs. Sprague WAS very kind and very nice, however, and we all had a very nice time...until my parents bought the house on North 19th street, and I had to transfer to the ever-eerie-and-now-plowed-over-and-rebuilt WEBSTER school.

Thank you all for playing:)


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